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Other News February 6, 2020

What's floating around in the canals?

What is typically found in the Leiden canals during the canoeing sessions? We sorted the whole yield of 21 December 2019 and made pictures. Based on dozens of sessions it's safe to say the overview is representative of what kinds of litter we collect during other rounds through the city centre.


We often get the question if we separate any litter afterwards. Glass is indeed kept apart, but the majority of plastics are rather dirty, not making the effort worthwhile. Most important is getting the trash out of the environment. So, thin foils, plastic bags, chips packaging and other light weight disposables end up usually as residual waste.

Sometimes it's worthwhile keeping more firm packaging apart, like HDPE. These can be used for educational projects on schools, for example. Cans go to recycling insofar these are not too dirty and corroded.

Possibilities for fast reduction
Deposit on plastic bottles and aluminium cans will make a big difference, both in (dry) weight as in volume. Also, more awareness about cigarette butts is of continuing importance. In the overview a number of stubs is displayed, but there were many more floating around. It's simply impossible to collect them all...

When will we be on the water again?

22 February 2020 will be the first real session of the season! Want to receive updates of upcoming events of register for the next session? Please send an e-mail to