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Schermafbeelding 2021 06 01 om 23 06 37
17 December 2020

Plastic Spotter on Dutch tv show 'Vroege Vogels'

Friday, December 11, Vroege Vogels viewers were able to enjoy beautiful Leiden. From botanical sidewalk chalking to trash in the canal. Presenter Menno Bentveld visited the litter nests of coots and presenter Willemijn Veenhoven joined a canal clean-up.

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Schermafbeelding 2021 06 01 om 23 15 17
03 November 2020

Documentary Canalcups

The Leidens Ontzet of 2020 unfortunately passed quietly for many Leiden citizens due to the corona pandemic that made most festivities around 3 October impossible. To still have a feeling of liberation for Leiden, the documentary Canalcups premiered in October.

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Netjes te water Inge van Mill 3
01 November 2020

Plastic neatly into the canals

A year ago, we discovered that plastic nets for making grass sturdier were ending up in the water in large numbers. We asked the municipality questions, cleared them up as much as possible and are still monitoring their distribution..

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