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19 May 2021

Plastic-free Terrace report handed over

We compiled a report of all the terrace waste collected during clean-ups in the summer of 2020. This report was presented to the alderman Yvonne van Delft by volunteers. Read it online now!

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Auke Florian Hiemstra Liselotte Rambonnet with perch entrapped in glove Alexander Schippers 2
24 March 2021

Corona waste kills animals all over the world

The mouth masks and gloves that are supposed to protect us are actually dangerous for the animals around us. All over the world, on land and in water, animals get entangled or get corona waste in their stomachs, Leiden scientists warn. They are asking for everyone's help to map out the consequences.

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De 1382 veegstengels verzameld na een kort rondje door Leiden. Foto: Auke-Florian Hiemstra
16 February 2021

Snow sweepers lose plastic

With the winter weather, it seems that not only salt, but also plastic has been spread fanatically. Leiden's cycle paths are littered with thousands of bright green plastic straws, broken off from the brushes of snow sweepers. Volunteers from the Plastic Spotter project quickly found more than 3,000 such straws. "I just kept picking them up," says the volunteer.

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