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17 December 2021

Face mask angels in the bridgehouse!

Thousands of single-use face masks were collected over the past two years, some of which we stored. Volunteer Pieter knew how to re-use them in a great way and folded them into Christmas angels! Together with volunteer Thalassa he decorated the bridge house with the angels and some Christmas lights! Come and check it out!

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14 November 2021

The return of the market litter

The market stalls have returned along the canals of the Nieuwe Rijn in September, and unfortunately we have also noticed this in the waste in the canal. From white plastic bags and crates from the grocery to many large polystyrene containers from the fish stall.......

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04 August 2021

Volunteers in the National Geographic

The August issue of the Dutch National Geographic paid attention to various projects in which volunteers work together with scientists: citizen science! In Leiden, they joined a clean-up and the Plastic Spotter volunteers were featured in the magazine.

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