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IMG 34132
20 March 2020

Valuable data and an expensive find

With a new season of litter fishing at our doorstep, we focussed on testing the software used to map waste in de Leiden canals. During such a test we found the most expensive object so far from the water. We reckon this record will not be broken anytime soon! The crowdfunding for extra canoes is going well and we are steadily approaching the target amount.

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Overzicht collage hoog 2
06 February 2020

What's floating around in the canals?

What is typically found in the Leiden canals during the canoeing sessions? We sorted the whole yield of 21 December 2019 and made pictures. Based on dozens of sessions it's safe to say the overview is representative of what kinds of litter we collect during other rounds through the city centre.

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Sean van der Steen
18 December 2019

Crowdfunding for new Canoes

The data we collect together gives us a good picture of where the plastic waste ends up in the canal. Not only do we want to monitor how this is transported through the water, but we also want to remove it. That's why you can now donate for a new canoe fleet!

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