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Other News December 17, 2021

Face mask angels in the bridgehouse!

Thousands of single-use face masks were collected over the past two years, some of which we stored. Volunteer Pieter knew how to re-use them in a great way and folded them into Christmas angels! Together with volunteer Thalassa he decorated the bridge house with the angels and some Christmas lights! Come and check it out!

Although it is supposed to protect us, unfortunately, it led to animal suffering among wild and domestic animals. They got entangled in the face masks with their paws, ingested them, or used them in their nests. Last season, you could hardly find a coot's nest in the city without face masks! We are still collecting interactions between wild animals and the face masks that ended up in the environment at

Our advice is to be careful with your masks and use reusable face masks with as many natural materials as possible! This is much better than the cheap single-use face masks that only cost a few cents and you might automatically be less careful with.