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Other News April 1, 2022

The first of April, litter in your bill

But litter is no joke. Especially plastic rings are dangerous for ducks, and unfortunately deadly for this duck from Alphen aan den Rijn who wasn't saved on time. That's why it is so important to clean-up (your) litter. You can visit him now 24/7 in our window exhibition, in the bridgehouse on the Marebrug, Leiden.

The finds of the week from our weekly clean-ups are often funny or unexpected. But that litter is no joke, we want to show you with this duck. Quite often birds peck into floating plastic and plastic rings can flip over the head. The ring is stuck and the bird can hardly eat. Also, this duck was very emaciated. Animal ambulance Alphen aan den Rijn found him dead. Again an example of how important it is to clean-up (your) litter!

Alphen aan den Rijn, 2nd of June, 2020.

With thanks to Animal ambulance Alphen aan den Rijn, and Paul Feil & Judith Mellenberg from De Opzetterij (taxidermist)

Rescued on time

The plastic ring flipped over the head but could be removed on time. The duck that was not yet even a year old, was quite tame. This probably saved him as it was easier to catch him.
Barendrecht, 18 December 2020
Rescued by Victor & Eleonore van Gaasbeek
Photos by Eleonore van Gaasbeek